The Ice Queen

She was an urban legend. Small smirks would be thrown in your direction if you were to ask about her in a locker room or a girls bathroom. Someone people told their younger siblings about when they wanted to brag about how dope being a teenager was. The details would always change but the ending stays the same. "That girl has a serious daddy issue". With a giggle they added "She never cares". According to people that was the root to all of her problemsShe cared about nothing and no one - even herself. Some called her "The Ice Queen" for she never smiles nor spared second glances to people as if they were merely peasants. 

No one knows the real story or perhaps - no one dares to ask. Not until the new boy moved in town. The curious boy made a fatal mistake when he asked the Ice Queen's name to the girls who were telling the juniors about her. "Maria" they said - almost whispering as if it was a secret one shall never ask. 

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"Ask me". He got chills right up to his bones when he heard that command. It was comical how the girls immediately scrambled and left the hallway empty in a second. He turned around and what he saw almost gave him heart attack. Because there - in front of him stood a magnificent beauty. She had long auburn hair braided in pale blue ribbons and eyes bluer than the ocean. It was almost magical if it wasn't for the missing sparks. It took everything in him to look into her eyes for he feared he would be lost in it. He made an audible sound when he cleared his throat before he asked the forbidden question - "Who destroyed your soul?"

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She tilted her head curiously and gave him a genuine smile. He was stunned - turns out the Ice Queen was a little warmer than she liked to make out to be. Minutes passed until she finally spoke. "My father used his last breath to tell me that I was a sad excuse of a daughter. That day, I had more blood in my hands than tears in my eyes". With a smirk she left him stunned and walked away.

Do You Want to Play a Game?

Objective:  Get out of your comfort zone & experience something new with someone out of your circle.

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  • Must be someone outside of your circle of friends. Acquaintance can be acceptable. 
  • Choose someone that is entirely different from you.
  • Have to be the opposite sex
  • Do not make things creepy, keep it cool. 
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  • For each week you are require to complete one task which give you exactly 12 weeks to finish everything in the list. You do not necessarily have to go in order. 
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Task List:
  1. Mother earth is calling! Go hike up the mountain or explore a cave.
  2. Set up a tent with lots of comfy pillows and lamp as well as take out food on the rooftop.
  3. Guy's choice: The power is in his hand for you to experience one of his hobbies. Football night? game on! 
  4. Girl's choice: The power is in her hand for you to experience one of her hobbies. Shop till you drop? prepare your feet!
  5. Movie marathon: Each of you choose one movie from these genre: horror, chick flick, romance, comedy, action.
  6.  20 Questions time - avoid typical safe questions and skip personal issues. Try to ask something out of ordinary such as 'what would be the first thing they would save if there are fire?"
  7. Time to get creative! choose a wall in either of your house and paint it.
  8. Friend Swap - choose a day to hang out with his friends while he hang out with yours!
  9. Full the tank of one of your car and go for a midnight drive.
  10. Picture scavenger hunt! have your friends list out 10 situations that you guys have to take pictures doing it, try to keep it legal.
  11. One person cook for dinner and the other one cook for break first. Do not forget the dessert!
  12. BONFIRE! what a good way to end an adventure than a bonfire besides the sea? invite your friends along. (This one shall be the last on the list) 
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a high quality woman

a high quality woman is a cheerleader, not a coach.
she trusts you enough to make your own life choices without question it and belittle your dream. she encourages you to pursue your goals even when the whole world trying to make you change your mind.

a high quality woman knows her worth.
she does not need to be insecure if you failed to remind her of her beauty or love every minute as she herself already know that without being acknowledge by anyone. she does not try to play games to 'trick' you into seeing her for what she is.

a high quality woman has her own life that does not involve you.
friends, hobbies, career ― anything: She is independent enough to not need your present in every that she does.

a high quality woman takes care of herself.
She is mature enough to know how to solve her own problem without being a burden to you. She keeps on improving with or without you because she is doing it for herself. She needs a partner, not a guardian.
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a high quality woman is confidence
If she were to be surround in a situation where she does not know a single soul there, she can confidently introduce herself. She does not cling to you all the time and interrupts you so often. 

a high quality woman stand firm on her opinion
She can talk and voice out her thoughts in regards of any topic. She has more opinion and willing to learn rather than saying "i do not know" or "i am not interested". If she disagree with you, she will not hesitate to let you know in a mature way without causing any argument. 

a high quality woman knows what she wants in life
She has her own goals and dreams to achieve and she stand firm with it. She would never alter her life because of any man nor relationship.

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You will feel like a king when you are with a queen. She would never date anyone just because she has to. She is not afraid to be single and she is self-sufficient. You know she is dating you because she wants you and she stays because she can see your long term future together. She thinks that you will help each other grow to be even higher quality, together. 

Note to All Boyfriend Part 3&4


You are the guy, it is your job to protect her from the world, and even from yourself. She is not perfect, she makes mistake; but so does you. Compromise; that is a base for every successful relationship. Us girls tend to remember all of your sweet promises, even though it is far from logic. For example, you promise her the world and that you will stay with her forever. As sweet as it sounds, both of you know that forever is such a long time. Indulge them with sweet promises, and they will be with you for as long as you want. That is a simple logic of how a woman's mind work. We always notice simple things that you did, said and even promised. So please, be careful of your words and your act. Little things hurt the most. Most of the time when you lie, show knows. Yet, she brush it off. Take a minute to ask yourself why? because she does not want to fight. Sometimes when you had been caught red handed that you lied to her, she still put her faith on you no matter how hurt she is. She hides what she feels to stop you from feeling guilty. To avoid making you feel she is way too emotional. She always say "it is nothing, i am fine" because she does not want you to get bored if she sulks a lot. Women are a unique creature. Our 'yes' can sometimes mean 'no' and vice versa. We want you to believe us, yet we also want you to realize that we are hiding our true emotions. complicated, I know. but she is your girl, so eventually you will know all of these. She needs to know that you will be there for her. always. secure her insecurities.     

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Shower her with compliment. She will blush, and brush it off but truth be told, she is blooming inside. Do you think it is not tiring for her to spend hours in front of the mirror, painting her face and digging her closet to find her best dress every time she goes on a date with you? Be realistic, it is not possible for her to dress up all the time. There will be times when she has a bad hair day or she is too tired to put on foundation on her face. When that time comes, remind her that she is still beautiful. Be proud to have her as your girlfriend. Do not compliment other girls in front of her. Sometimes, she wants to test you out. She will purposely ask you if that girl on your Instagram is beautiful; be smart enough to answer no. Or else, she will spend the rest of the day comparing herself to that girl. Insecurities is a girl best friend.


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Last but not least, I know there are thousands of other woman out there who are much more beautiful, nicer and next to perfection than her that you can turn your head to. But bear in mind that there are a lot more guys out there who are sweeter, much more romantic and can take care of her better than you do. Yet, she chooses you. One day if you feel like giving up, remember when you two first met and flash back all of those memories that you had with her. Appreciate her brother.  Do not loose her because your head is hard enough to crack a wall and your ego is high enough to stand next to Mount Everest. If one day she is gone for real, you will miss the way her dimples pop out when she smiles and how she likes her coffee with exactly three spoon of sugar. You will loose all of that and years from now you will be seeing her laughing at the side of the road, holding her new boyfriend's hand because he wants her to feel safe when crossing the road. Do you want that?

Appreciate her, and she is yours as long as you want to.

all girls in earth.

you have moved on when..

There is one thing that you need to get straight.

Moving on does not mean you forgot. 

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because honestly,

you will never be able to forget someone who was once your whole world. Even if they are they one who ended up destroy your world. Just because he shows up in your mind once in a while, does not mean you are yet to move on. It may sounds weird but you will get my point later. So, back to the question. how do you know you have moved on? Well as for me..

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You do not have to remind yourself to be happy. You do not have to force your self to stop crying; the tears eventually stop. You will find yourself being busy with things that you are doing for you. One day when you had moved one, you will be able to laugh, cry and do things without the need to set a reminder in your mind "Oh, i cannot be sad. i have to be happy" and finally enjoying your life.

You have moved on when...

It is 3AM and you can finally sleep. I mean, really sleep. Not the kind of 'sleep' that you wish everyone goodnight and ended up crying while reading his text messages. Not the kind of 'sleep' that you are constantly being woken up by a nightmare of him leaving. 

You have moved on when...

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Your heart does not feels like it is being shred to pieces when someone mentioned his name, or when you saw him at your timeline. Your tears would not drop when you read his sweet captions about his new girlfriend; which he wrote for the purpose of hurting you.

You have moved on when...

You have stopped posting happy tweets or picture of you laughing at Instagram just because you know he is stalking you and you want him to know that your are happy without him. Which you are not. If you have truly moved on, everything that you post in your social media will not have anything to do with him anymore. You will finally be free. 

You can finally be free and make a choice regarding your life without involving him. he does not have any control over your happiness anymore.
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