let's keep this my little secret.

you know what hurts more than being 'kawan je' with the person
you're in love with?

being their best friend. 

but you know what's worst?

they know that you're secretly in love with em'
but they act like nothing is wrong. and slowly slowly leaving.

no. i don't need to be your girlfriend.
being your bestfriend is more than enough.
but you have a lot of girl best friends...
and everytime i sleep, i closed my eyes and hope i had you all for my self.
even as a bestfriend.


i know you're threw with love.
but baby i swear, i will love you more than those bitches before.


you know me best and you made me laugh.
and you fit me better than my favourite sweater.


so i'll promise you that..


but i'll keep this my own little secret.

i can't have you all for my self.
cause i'm not your only friend.
you have thousands of them.
am i even your best friend?

thanks for giving me this song.
Lana Del Rey -Blue Jeans.


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