siti aminah izzati

meet my other half, my soulmate and my bestfriend.

the kind of best friend that makes my boyfriend jealous pasrah sebab he knows how important she is to me and that i'll put her first over anything and loves her more than anyone. it's scary how sometimes she can loose her heart and feelings and emotions and other times she can feel all at once. i never met such an unpredictable female. she's the girl that knows me better than me and loves me enough to protect me from getting hurt by boys. the best listener and the best advicer. i can tell her anything without worrying of being judge. she'll scold me for things that i've done but i shouldn't ((mostly things that i should but i didn't)) she'll turns my negative mindset and way of thinking eventho her negative mindset is worst than mine. there's too much simmillarities between both of us that even the bad sides such as insecurities and negative mindset and over thinking. but that's the thing, even both of us suka overthinking apa semua tu, but whenever she has a problem i'll be her strenght and tell her what to do. gives her advices on what not to think. and when it's my turn to have problems, she's going to be there for me just as well. the first girl bestfriend that calls me everyday and if boleh 24/7 contact even selalu jumpa. Maybe sebab both of us lembab sikit kalau nak pickup double meaning orang lain, we tend to understand ecah other double meaning, way of thinking and inside jokes way too fast. sometimes all it takes is "Haaa, faham tak. dia macam haa macamtu" and the other one will actually understands it. senang cerita we knows each other feelings way too well cause we've been in each other's situation before.

hahaha okay ily siti aminah izzati. May this friendship lasts even after highschool


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