people often says that after highschool you will realize that you’re only friends with your schoolmates just because you saw them five times a week. but honesty, this is the kind of friendship that i know worth to keep till Jannah. just because high school gonna end in 2 months ahead, doesn’t mean this friendship does. 


there are 4 princesses in our group. hana, seri, yaya & mina
we laugh too much that at some point we changed our actual laugh to “LOL” even when we’re talking.

the first princess
she’s the life of our friendship. without her, it will be so dull and empty to be honest. she makes us laugh more than we tend to. often got us into trouble for laughing so hard at the wrong place and wrong time. she’s fun to hang around with and you will never get bored. retired from being a K-popers around early this year. she’s that kind of senior that will be remember by all of our juniors. she talks about her favourite juniors that she adopted more than girls talk about their boyfriend. among us, she got that record of never got into relationship with any boys.

the second princess
she’s there to witness every moment. somehow she will always be there. even when one of us can’t make it. she uses “Zzzz” a lot when she talks and stopped using it after got stung by a bee. a love doctor for literally everyone. she loves to inspire people thru her blog and people actually find her in real life to share their problems. she’s the kind of friend that gonna sacrifices her sleep when her friends call her at 3AM just because they need someone to talk to. our source of food. she loves to bake. one day, she gonna open a Bakery and all of us will gather there every month by hook or by crook.

the third princess
she got her heart broken by someone that she thought gonna marry her someday. but even then, she didn’t loose her smile. that’s the thing about this princess. she got a warm smile that makes people wanna hug her and feel all better right away. she laughs a lot, and smiles often. never really see her cries and she’s the kind of girl that says “i’m okay i’m a strong girl remember?” so that people won’t worry about her. silly girl, you really tought we gonna believes you just because you said “i’m fine?” oh please, we know you better than you.

the fourth princess
she lives in another kingdom but that doesn’t make us loose contact at all. in fact, she calls us every single day just to say “hey, whatchuu doin?” that kind of girl who is super excited over everything. she laughs a lot, louder and longer than most of us. but that’s the thing, “the girl who laughs a lot, cries her self to sleep” as often as she laughs, her insecurities doesn’t seems to be that high. she’s beautiful and everybody says so. except her. girl, you need to value yourself so that other people will too and won't taking you for granted. 


you never realize how weird your friends are until you start to describe them to someone else. we met when we were 17 and i hope, 70 years from now we still gonna be there for each other. i don’t wan’t to bump into each other years from now and all of us goes like 
“hey, you know her?”  
“oh, we used to go to the same high school”  
cause honestly, highschool makes you realize that you only need like three bestfriends and treat eveyone else equally. bacause you realize how fake everyone is.

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