"where are you?" 

"Have you stop blogging?"

for all the readers of my blog, i'm sorry for dissapearing. wait that's an understatement. i think it's more like vanishing. it's been years hasn't it? a lot of people been asking me about it. well as for why.. entahlah, ever since my last heartbreak, aku tak boleh mula menulis tanpa tekan backspace. i guess i was simply just being a coward. writing is the easiest way to open up my soul for other people to see. i was terrified of that...

but now i'm back. and i'm not alone 

from today onwards, i will start blogging again with my other half

the one who makes me want to write again.

my best friend, Siti Aminah Izzati

best friend, blake lively, and gossip girl image

she is my other half, so if she's here i can finally write as a whole again. 

we will constantly update the blog at least once a week *pinky promise*

-20th of May 2016-


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