When Someone Changes For You

Do you know what's attractive?


When someone actually changes for you. 

it doesn't matter if it is small simple things such as they cut off their bad habits or they learnt to say please or thank you. Those small things are proves that they actually took notice of what you like or not comfortable off and when it comes to you, they are willing to to do anything. it's hard you know, to have someone who is willing to change to be a better person for you.

often we heard that "if they love you, they will change". but honestly, do you think it is that easy to get rid of a habit? (even if it is a bad one) you have to understand that you can't force someone to get rid of something that they are keen to do way before they even met you. let's take a cigarette for example. I mean come on, they know that poison first before they even met you. but, if you really can't stand the smell of it, keep a distance every time they lit one. trust me, they will keep note of it. a gentleman smoker always does. at least, they will skip it if they're going to meet you or avoid lighting it in front of you out of respect.

well that's habit.

what about attitude?

i mean, if they're hard headed. egoistic or even a temper. what does it takes for them to change? well honestly i don't really know but maybe. just maybe, they will try to control it in fear of losing you. 

people tend to change once they loose someone important. that's a fact. if they didn't change, maybe that someone is not important after all. you have a choice here. either to wait and let them realize it themselves or leave and make them realize what they should have change in order to keep you around.

is that all?

here's the thing. people tend to forgot the one last choice.

stay with them, tell them what they need to change and and help them through it.

it's called give and take, take note of that.


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