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Falling in love again after you have been hurt before is hard. 

Wait, that is an understatement, right? You can finally start focusing on yourself and your life is yours once again then a boy with a pretty smile and warm eyes came and everything does not go according to plan anymore. Everything are red and roses and there are butterflies in your stomach that makes you all giddy and cannot stop smiling. You can feel your wall crumbling down and it hits you like a truck that you should not do that.  

The idea of allowing someone back into your heart is overwhelming. Every second you spend feeling happy being replaced by fear and anxiety. Those what ifs questions keep coming. "What if he breaks my heart again? What if he leave too? What if.." Without you realize it, you start searching for the flaws of the happiness that leads to occasional fights.

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The time spent alone does not make you feel 'free' anymore. You keep comparing just how much happier you would be if they are here by your side. The last thing you want to do is base your happiness on someone else, right? Stop. Take a deep breath and just stop. Take a step back from everything to remind your self that you will be okay no matter what happens. You’ve still got the nights out with the friends who know you best, conversations over coffee with family that never judge, and those walks through the trails that settle your mind. You have to remember that with every mistake comes a lesson and with every heartache comes a kind of understanding. There is a risk in falling in love and you have to accept that. When the one who is worth enough for you to let the walls guarding your heart down, you have to walk into it willingly.

You have to remember that no matter what happens, you still have yourself. 

That is all you will ever need.


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