letting go

Letting go. 
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To let go of someone is not an easy task to do. But most of the times, we do not even have a choice unless to do so. Every hello ends with goodbyes and that is just how it works. Feelings fade and here is the bitter truth; forever does not exist in this harsh world we live in.
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Funny thing is, letting go occurs not only when feelings faded. This complicated thing we called ‘feelings’ tend to develop a lot of problems and eventually make you too tired to hold on. The most cliché reason would be falling in love with the wrong person. No matter how much effort we put and how much love we sacrifice, if the love is wrong; you have to let go. Sad is an understatement, to know that the fact you are trying best but it is still not enough to make things work.
I was 7 years old and both me and my mom was watching Titanic when I asked this question to her “why do we have to let go of someone that we love?” She gave me a small smile and said; “This world is ugly my dear, and most of the time something as pure as love does not stand a chance against it.” I did not understand even a bit of that deep metaphor back then.
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Now that I think about it, she was right. Love alone is not enough to ensure that the other person will forever be yours. Death happens, money happens, families and worst; one sided love happens. If you are not strong enough to go through those;  letting go is your only option.


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