a high quality woman

a high quality woman is a cheerleader, not a coach.
she trusts you enough to make your own life choices without question it and belittle your dream. she encourages you to pursue your goals even when the whole world trying to make you change your mind.

a high quality woman knows her worth.
she does not need to be insecure if you failed to remind her of her beauty or love every minute as she herself already know that without being acknowledge by anyone. she does not try to play games to 'trick' you into seeing her for what she is.

a high quality woman has her own life that does not involve you.
friends, hobbies, career ― anything: She is independent enough to not need your present in every that she does.

a high quality woman takes care of herself.
She is mature enough to know how to solve her own problem without being a burden to you. She keeps on improving with or without you because she is doing it for herself. She needs a partner, not a guardian.
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a high quality woman is confidence
If she were to be surround in a situation where she does not know a single soul there, she can confidently introduce herself. She does not cling to you all the time and interrupts you so often. 

a high quality woman stand firm on her opinion
She can talk and voice out her thoughts in regards of any topic. She has more opinion and willing to learn rather than saying "i do not know" or "i am not interested". If she disagree with you, she will not hesitate to let you know in a mature way without causing any argument. 

a high quality woman knows what she wants in life
She has her own goals and dreams to achieve and she stand firm with it. She would never alter her life because of any man nor relationship.

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You will feel like a king when you are with a queen. She would never date anyone just because she has to. She is not afraid to be single and she is self-sufficient. You know she is dating you because she wants you and she stays because she can see your long term future together. She thinks that you will help each other grow to be even higher quality, together. 


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