a letter from an unborn little girl

This is a story of a girl who didn't get to see the world. A letter from an unborn little girl who got aborted by her own mother.

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Dear Mommy,

I am in heaven now. It is beautiful here, but I miss you and I really wanted to be able to hug you. Everything was so blurry back then, being a child I am, I do not quite understand what was going on at that moment. I was overwhelmed when i began to realize my existence. It was dark and scary at first but hearing your soothing voice made me feel protected. As times goes by I can see my toes as well as my fingers. I cannot wait to be able to walk and hold your hands, oh how i cannot wait for that! I spent my times thinking and sleeping or sometimes I even kick around if i do not get extra attention from you. I want you to talk to me and I want to hear you tell me stories about the outside worlds. About how you wished you did not ran away from home to follow a monster. A monster who rip your life apart. And how you wish you could bring me to meet Granny. Even on my earliest days, I felt a special connection between you and me. I got Daddy's jade black hair and your beautiful big brown eyes.

There are times when i heard you crying and how I wish to hug you then. Often you were screaming or yelling and sometimes it hurts when Daddy kicked you on the floor. Thank you for protecting me with your trembled hands when he tried to kick you in the stomach. When that times come, you will sooth me and say how much you love me. That one day you will teach me how to play the Piano and bring me to see your childhood home. Mommy, please do not cry. One day I will protect you from Daddy, I promise. 

90 days before I will be born, I heard you cried all day long. I heard how badly you begged when Daddy said he wants to leave. He asked me to choose between me and him. You did not answer. 

You love me, right Mommy?
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I remember that day as clear as day. The day you told me you were sorry and you had to choose Daddy because you cannot live without him. You said you did not have a choice because you cannot raise me alone. But Mommy, how can I live without you?.. 

That same day something awful happened. I met a monster that you always talked about. he came to my warm and comfortable place I was in. I was terrified. I screamed but no voice came out. I cried and cried but never once you tried to saved me. 

The monster keep approaching and I was screaming and screaming. Please Mommy, please save me. Where are you. I am scared!

Complete terror was all I felt. I knew you could hear me as I heard you cried but why didn't you save me? the monster started ripping my arms off. It hurt so bad; oh how i begged it to stop but even then the Monster keep on ripping my leg off. It was hard to breath, there was blood everywhere. i felt suffocated and soon after I can hardly breath anymore. It hurts more than anything to accept the fact that I would never be able to see your face and  hear you say how much you love me. On the edge of dying all i could hear was your sobbing and i hated it. I hated the fact that I could not her your beautiful laugh as my last memory with you. So please, Mommy don't cry.. 

I wanted more than anything to be your daughter. We had so many plans remember? You wanted to teach me how to bake and you were going to name me Maria. Or was it Maya? Whatever it is, being called your daughter is my favorite.  I am sorry i could not keep my promises, to protect you from Daddy. I tried to hold on but Mommy.. it hurts so much. I want to tell the monster not to hurt you but soon I no longer had the breath to say them; I was dead. I didn't even had time to tell you that I love you. I hope you know that. I felt myself flying, a huge angle carried me all the way to a beautiful place called heaven. I was still crying even when the physical pain was gone. 

I asked the angel if they could bring Mommy as well but the angel only answered me with a slow, sad smile. With a shaky voice I asked about the monster that ripped me apart from you and he answered 

"It was called abortion. A tool used by humans to get rid of an innocent creature."

There are thousand of questions running on my mind. Will the monster hurt Mommy too? What did I ever do to anger the monster? but most importantly... Mommy was human too right? Does that mean she was a part of the monster too? No, Mommy is an angel, she would never hurt me like the monster did. Right?..

It sucked my arms and legs off and finally got all of me. It was impossible to live. I just wanted you to know I tried to stay with you. I didn't want to die. Also, Mommy, please watch out for that abortion monster.
Mommy, I love you and I would hate for you to go through the kind of pain I did. Please be careful.


Your Baby Girl

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"Abortion does not simply make you un-pregnant. It just makes you the mother of a dead child"

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