Do You Want to Play a Game?

Objective:  Get out of your comfort zone & experience something new with someone out of your circle.

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  • Must be someone outside of your circle of friends. Acquaintance can be acceptable. 
  • Choose someone that is entirely different from you.
  • Have to be the opposite sex
  • Do not make things creepy, keep it cool. 
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  • For each week you are require to complete one task which give you exactly 12 weeks to finish everything in the list. You do not necessarily have to go in order. 
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Task List:
  1. Mother earth is calling! Go hike up the mountain or explore a cave.
  2. Set up a tent with lots of comfy pillows and lamp as well as take out food on the rooftop.
  3. Guy's choice: The power is in his hand for you to experience one of his hobbies. Football night? game on! 
  4. Girl's choice: The power is in her hand for you to experience one of her hobbies. Shop till you drop? prepare your feet!
  5. Movie marathon: Each of you choose one movie from these genre: horror, chick flick, romance, comedy, action.
  6.  20 Questions time - avoid typical safe questions and skip personal issues. Try to ask something out of ordinary such as 'what would be the first thing they would save if there are fire?"
  7. Time to get creative! choose a wall in either of your house and paint it.
  8. Friend Swap - choose a day to hang out with his friends while he hang out with yours!
  9. Full the tank of one of your car and go for a midnight drive.
  10. Picture scavenger hunt! have your friends list out 10 situations that you guys have to take pictures doing it, try to keep it legal.
  11. One person cook for dinner and the other one cook for break first. Do not forget the dessert!
  12. BONFIRE! what a good way to end an adventure than a bonfire besides the sea? invite your friends along. (This one shall be the last on the list) 
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