Note to All Boyfriend Part 3&4


You are the guy, it is your job to protect her from the world, and even from yourself. She is not perfect, she makes mistake; but so does you. Compromise; that is a base for every successful relationship. Us girls tend to remember all of your sweet promises, even though it is far from logic. For example, you promise her the world and that you will stay with her forever. As sweet as it sounds, both of you know that forever is such a long time. Indulge them with sweet promises, and they will be with you for as long as you want. That is a simple logic of how a woman's mind work. We always notice simple things that you did, said and even promised. So please, be careful of your words and your act. Little things hurt the most. Most of the time when you lie, show knows. Yet, she brush it off. Take a minute to ask yourself why? because she does not want to fight. Sometimes when you had been caught red handed that you lied to her, she still put her faith on you no matter how hurt she is. She hides what she feels to stop you from feeling guilty. To avoid making you feel she is way too emotional. She always say "it is nothing, i am fine" because she does not want you to get bored if she sulks a lot. Women are a unique creature. Our 'yes' can sometimes mean 'no' and vice versa. We want you to believe us, yet we also want you to realize that we are hiding our true emotions. complicated, I know. but she is your girl, so eventually you will know all of these. She needs to know that you will be there for her. always. secure her insecurities.     

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Shower her with compliment. She will blush, and brush it off but truth be told, she is blooming inside. Do you think it is not tiring for her to spend hours in front of the mirror, painting her face and digging her closet to find her best dress every time she goes on a date with you? Be realistic, it is not possible for her to dress up all the time. There will be times when she has a bad hair day or she is too tired to put on foundation on her face. When that time comes, remind her that she is still beautiful. Be proud to have her as your girlfriend. Do not compliment other girls in front of her. Sometimes, she wants to test you out. She will purposely ask you if that girl on your Instagram is beautiful; be smart enough to answer no. Or else, she will spend the rest of the day comparing herself to that girl. Insecurities is a girl best friend.


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Last but not least, I know there are thousands of other woman out there who are much more beautiful, nicer and next to perfection than her that you can turn your head to. But bear in mind that there are a lot more guys out there who are sweeter, much more romantic and can take care of her better than you do. Yet, she chooses you. One day if you feel like giving up, remember when you two first met and flash back all of those memories that you had with her. Appreciate her brother.  Do not loose her because your head is hard enough to crack a wall and your ego is high enough to stand next to Mount Everest. If one day she is gone for real, you will miss the way her dimples pop out when she smiles and how she likes her coffee with exactly three spoon of sugar. You will loose all of that and years from now you will be seeing her laughing at the side of the road, holding her new boyfriend's hand because he wants her to feel safe when crossing the road. Do you want that?

Appreciate her, and she is yours as long as you want to.

all girls in earth.


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