Reasons Why Introverts Are Bewitching

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Thinking Is What They Love The Most

Their mind is what you can call their 'safe heaven.' When something or someone attracts their attention, they tend to think about it day and night. Before they decide to do something about it or even speak their mind, it is almost guaranteed they had spent a lot of time thinking about that particular subject, forming their opinions and cautiously choose the words they are about to utter.

Introverts Are The Best People To Be With When You Want Someone To Listen

To have someone whom can listen when you need to vent out for hours on end until you feel light inside; who does not want that? Because they listens and observes a lot, they tend to give splendid advices that sometimes hit deep. Sometimes we just need someone to understand and  that is one of the introvert's power; they listen and understand.

To Read Their Mind Is A Challenge

You know what they want you to know and exactly when they want you to know it. Their walls are so high in order to not letting people in without realizing that they are actually fencing themselves. As mysterious as they are, people will not be able to stop themselves from getting attracted towards them. Which proves that introverts are great social fishermen. They are a master on sparking interest within people by letting out only a bit of interesting borderline information. When they are interested in someone, they will create a challenge intended to pique interest of people and reward them with guarded yet intimate bonds. This trail of information is to not only designed to attract someone, but as a test to see if the person they’re attempting to attract is worth the emotional investment.  The joy is in the pursuit, and the introvert knows how to make the reward bigger than you imagine.

 If you’re an introvert, follow @introvertunites​​​.

They Take Care of Others

Because they know what it feels like to be a wallflower, taking care of those they care about is what introvert does the best. They have a generous spirit, and tend to embrace genuine altruism. If you are sick, they are the one who bring you soup. The one who does not think twice to come to you when you are crying. The one who offers you their text book when you got scolded by the teacher for not bringing one. They give, and give without expecting anything in return.

Their Loyalty Is Beyond Doubt

You are lucky if you got chosen by an introvert to be apart of their life.  They choose who they want to be with to spend their time with. Any relationship, whether business, social, or romantic, requires a substantial investment of time and energy for an introvert. They are invested in you and will remain invested in you no matter the distraction. When you feel like the whole world is turning against you; they will be there with you. Just do not take their loyalty for granted or take advantage of them too many times.  They are loyal, however if you burn them too many times, they will be nothing more than a memory.

 If you’re an introvert, follow @introvertunites​​​.


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