Note To All Boyfriend part 1 & 2



If you really love her, you should not be selfish. Relationship should be fair and square, what you can do, she could as well. Thus if you do not want her to do something, do not do it. It is as simple as that. Listen to what she has to say, understand her problems even most of the times it does not involve you at all. Truth be told, if it does has something to do with you, she would never share it with you. Take time to get to know the real her, notice what she likes and what she does not like without directly asking her. She is your girl, so you have to know what she really feels even when she lies saying she is fine. Always be honest with her, that is the first rule to every relationship. Although it hurts, it is much better rather than you lie to her "to protect her feelings" when in reality, you only want to save yourself. You have to know that all women are detectives, sooner or later we will find out the truth. Believe me when i say it is much better to hear the painful truth from your own mouth. Get rid of your ego; not completely but lower it enough to say 'sorry' when you messed up. Prioritize her heart before yours, her feelings before yours and herself before you. Remind her how much you love her ever chance you got. Send a full page text of what you are feeling because us girls; will melt like ice under the sun when a guy describe what they feel in details. Go out of your way to win her even after you already got her. Do not stop all of your efforts once you she is yours. Just because you have her now, does not mean she will forever be yours. Prove to her how much she means to you and take care of her as good as you can because one day, you can only wish you have more time to do all of those cheesy things when she finally decide to leave.



It is a fact that woman is way more fragile than a man in all aspect, but that does not make them weak. If you want her, you have to understand her when she wants to be spoiled, when she is too tired to even smile, when she sulks because of trivial things and her tornado emotions when she is on her period. When she speaks her mind without think of it twice, when she says hurtful things just because you made her angry, do not take it to heart. Those are the times when she wants you to stay but push you away. Those are also the times when she cries because you failed to pick up her calls at 3 in the morning. Gentlemen are way more charming than bad boys, so go ahead and make the first move rather than wait for her to give you the signal. Women are complicated, there is no denial in that. But hey, if she is not complicated, she would not be amazing right? Show her off to the world, at least to your world. Truth be told, we never restrict you from being friends with another girls, being in a relationship does not mean you can never as much as speak to another female. However, you have to know your barrier. Keep your charm for yourself. If any woman tries to flirt with you, it is safe to say that you are stupid if you decided that it is okay to flirt back with her just because you are not the one who made the first move. She would not be full of herself if you had just ignore her. The title 'girlfriend' should come with special treatment, so if you treat ever other girls the same, what is the use of that title?

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... To be continued
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