you have moved on when..

There is one thing that you need to get straight.

Moving on does not mean you forgot. 

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because honestly,

you will never be able to forget someone who was once your whole world. Even if they are they one who ended up destroy your world. Just because he shows up in your mind once in a while, does not mean you are yet to move on. It may sounds weird but you will get my point later. So, back to the question. how do you know you have moved on? Well as for me..

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You do not have to remind yourself to be happy. You do not have to force your self to stop crying; the tears eventually stop. You will find yourself being busy with things that you are doing for you. One day when you had moved one, you will be able to laugh, cry and do things without the need to set a reminder in your mind "Oh, i cannot be sad. i have to be happy" and finally enjoying your life.

You have moved on when...

It is 3AM and you can finally sleep. I mean, really sleep. Not the kind of 'sleep' that you wish everyone goodnight and ended up crying while reading his text messages. Not the kind of 'sleep' that you are constantly being woken up by a nightmare of him leaving. 

You have moved on when...

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Your heart does not feels like it is being shred to pieces when someone mentioned his name, or when you saw him at your timeline. Your tears would not drop when you read his sweet captions about his new girlfriend; which he wrote for the purpose of hurting you.

You have moved on when...

You have stopped posting happy tweets or picture of you laughing at Instagram just because you know he is stalking you and you want him to know that your are happy without him. Which you are not. If you have truly moved on, everything that you post in your social media will not have anything to do with him anymore. You will finally be free. 

You can finally be free and make a choice regarding your life without involving him. he does not have any control over your happiness anymore.
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