The Ice Queen

She was an urban legend. Small smirks would be thrown in your direction if you were to ask about her in a locker room or a girls bathroom. Someone people told their younger siblings about when they wanted to brag about how dope being a teenager was. The details would always change but the ending stays the same. "That girl has a serious daddy issue". With a giggle they added "She never cares". According to people that was the root to all of her problemsShe cared about nothing and no one - even herself. Some called her "The Ice Queen" for she never smiles nor spared second glances to people as if they were merely peasants. 

No one knows the real story or perhaps - no one dares to ask. Not until the new boy moved in town. The curious boy made a fatal mistake when he asked the Ice Queen's name to the girls who were telling the juniors about her. "Maria" they said - almost whispering as if it was a secret one shall never ask. 

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"Ask me". He got chills right up to his bones when he heard that command. It was comical how the girls immediately scrambled and left the hallway empty in a second. He turned around and what he saw almost gave him heart attack. Because there - in front of him stood a magnificent beauty. She had long auburn hair braided in pale blue ribbons and eyes bluer than the ocean. It was almost magical if it wasn't for the missing sparks. It took everything in him to look into her eyes for he feared he would be lost in it. He made an audible sound when he cleared his throat before he asked the forbidden question - "Who destroyed your soul?"

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She tilted her head curiously and gave him a genuine smile. He was stunned - turns out the Ice Queen was a little warmer than she liked to make out to be. Minutes passed until she finally spoke. "My father used his last breath to tell me that I was a sad excuse of a daughter. That day, I had more blood in my hands than tears in my eyes". With a smirk she left him stunned and walked away.
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